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As a consumer you have a lot of places to shop for your insurance needs – online, going directly to the insurance company website, and your local agents. The Cunningham Insurance Agency has been here since 1935 and we continue to provide insurance products and services that no online or captive provider can match.

We’ll treat you like you’re part of the family. We’ll do more than just give you a quote and send you an insurance policy. If you have a claim, you contact us directly. If your premium changes, we’ll work with you to find out why and explore your options. With us you’re not a nameless, faceless number, but a real person, an important part of our community, and you’re someone who deserves the very best in advice and in insurance planning to insure that you, your family, and your business are protected.

In 1935 when The Travelers Insurance Company gave a contract to my grandmother, Mildred Hill Cunningham, she believed that insurance was not about just selling a product but rather, taking care of her community. A century later, that philosophy remains the same.  Every day our staff works with our clients to provide them with the protection they need and at prices they can afford.

We have now expanded our footprint and formed The Cunningham Insurance Group, which consists of Cunningham Insurance, Wilkerson/Cunningham Insurance, and Mason, Amox and Cunningham Insurance.  We are poised to meet your business and personal insurance needs throughout Louisiana.

We appreciate our many, many clients who have helped us stay in business through three generations. We look forward to earning your trust, your respect and your business for many, many more.

Joe Cunningham Jr., CFP®, President – Cunningham Insurance Group