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Taking Care of Our Feather Friends

Taking Care of Our Feather Friends

Birds require special care during cold and freezing weather to ensure their well-being.  Here are some care tips:

Provide shelter: Set up birdhouses, roosting boxes, or bird feeders with covers to protect birds from harsh weather conditions.  These shelters should be well-insulated and positioned away from strong winds.

Offer food and water: Birds need extra energy to stay warm during cold weather.  Provide a variety of high-energy foods such as suet, seeds, and nuts.  Ensure a constant supply of fresh water by using a heated birdbath or regularly replacing the water to prevent freezing.

Avoid salted areas: Salt used to melt ice can be harmful to birds.  Keep bird feeders and water sources away from areas where salt or de-icing chemicals have been applied.

Create windbreaks: Place shrubs, trees, or windbreak fences near bird feeders and shelters to provide protection from cold winds.

Monitor and clean feeders: Regularly check feeders for ice or snow build up and clean them to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold.  This will help maintain a healthy feeding environment for the birds.

Avoid excessive handling: While it’s important to provide care, minimize handling birds during cold weather as it can cause stress and disrupt their natural insulation.

Remember, different bird species have varying needs, so it’s beneficial to research specific care requirements for the birds in your area.