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Never thought I'd need them

Never thought I'd need them

Never thought I’d need them – receipts and appraisals until having to file a claim.  Here is why you should have them.

Keeping receipts and appraisals when you have a homeowners claim is important for several reasons. Firstly, these documents serve as proof of ownership and value of your belongings. In the event of a claim, they can help substantiate the value of the items you are claiming for, ensuring that you receive appropriate compensation.

Secondly, receipts and appraisals can help expedite the claims process. By providing accurate and detailed documentation, you can help the insurance company assess your claim more efficiently, reducing delays and potential disputes.

Furthermore, keeping receipts and appraisals can also assist in the event of an audit by the insurance company or tax authorities. It helps demonstrate that your claimed losses are legitimate and can support any tax deductions or reimbursements you may be entitled to.

Lastly, having these documents on hand can be beneficial for future reference. They can help you keep track of your possessions, their value, and any improvements or upgrades you have made to your property. This information can be useful for insurance purposes, financial planning, or even when selling your home.

Overall, keeping receipts and appraisals when you have a homeowners claim is a prudent practice that can help protect your interests and ensure a smoother claims process.  So keep them in a safe place and ready when you need them.