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We are all getting ready for the holidays and there are hazards that you should prepare to insure a “happy” holiday.

Cozy Fire – watch open fireplaces around children – make sure you have a screen.  Don’t place your tree near the fireplace, especially when the tree starts shedding their needles.

Kid proof your tree – avoid artificial candy and popcorn, position the tree in a low-traffic area where kids and pets pose a tip-over risk.

Candles – never light candles near your holiday tree, never leave them unattended.

Lights – make sure your lights do not have any frayed wires, broken bulbs/sockets, and look for any loose connections.

Poinsettias – while an important part of Christmas they do pose a risk for animals.  Be careful where you place poinsettias, so your fur babies are not tempted.

Follow these tips and enjoy a “safe” holiday season.