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Hiking in the Wilderness

Hiking in the Wilderness

With Fall coming, family hiking is a great activity.  However,  being aware of both your surroundings and what to watch for can make your day a happy and safe one.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Aimless hiking without navigation is a sure way to get lost - Rely on your GPS tracker.
  • Ignoring your environment – let the weather dictate your clothing and your water/food supplies you take with you.
  • Stay dry – wet clothing lowers your body temperature, and can lead to hygiene issues so dress with quick-dry clothing.
  • Know how to start a fire – fire keeps you dry and warm so make sure you know how to start a fire with sticks and shrubbery, not just with a lighter.
  • Drinking unsafe water – if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the stream water you want to use, be sure to take with you a water filtration device. Fresh snow and rainwater are safe without boiling.
  • Eating inedible things – Fruits may look harmless, but they can be deadly.   Some trees are toxic.  Best to pack the necessary food stuffs you will need during your hike.
  • Do your research – the state parks are wonderful and getting acquainted with them prior to your arrival will keep you safe by instructing you with hiking paths, ranger stations, first aid areas, and animal updates.

Enjoy your hike, but make sure you and your family are prepared before you venture into the woods.

Source: Survival Institute