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Graduations - A Time to Celebrate

Graduations - A Time to Celebrate

June is graduation month and parents are faced with how to keep their teens safe.  Here are some tips from the Partnership to End Addition that might help:

Set curfews – teen crashes and deaths increase late at night.  Know where your teen is, how long they will be there, and when they will be leaving, and finally who is supervising the event, will help ease your mind.  FYI: 56% of crashes happen Friday thru Sunday between 3:00 pm and midnight.

Do not rent a hotel room -  discourage your teen from renting a hotel room. If a room is rented, have an appropriate adult there to ensure safety and manage risk.

Be up when they come home – have the lights on and be there when your teen comes home.

Clearly communicate your expectations – talk about drinking and driving and getting in a car with a drunk driver.  Research shows that discussing and planning with teens increases the chances of their safe decision-making.

Keep the party local – don’t allow for parties at a faraway location like the beach or a cabin.

Talk with your teen – discuss who will be going to the party, what time you expect them home.  Setting expectations that you both agree to will help to ensure a risk-free event.

Congratulations to your teen and you for raising great kids that are embarking on a new chapter in their lives.

Source:  Partnership to End Addition