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Do Hackers Return?

Do Hackers Return?

According to Atlas VPM data, half of businesses worldwide have been affected by recurring attacks from the SAME hacker.  The data also revealed that 61% of companies hacked did not remediate the breaches, leaving the company and its data vulnerable to attack.  From phishing emails and cloud-based attacks to cyberattacks on remote workers and ransomware, cybercrime is up by 600 percent.

One of the reasons hackers attack again is because the ransomware payout was made.  Once paid, they target the company again because they know it will pay.

Cybercrime has become a booming business and is expected to reach $6.1 trillion in 2021.  With advanced technology, hackers will continue to innovate and make cyberattacks more sophisticated.

We encourage you to train your employees, update your software, and invest in cyber liability insurance.  Call us today to discuss.

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