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Ice on the Roads

With the hazardous weather conditions extending across the US, icy roads are a sure bet for our area.  Rain and freezing temperatures make driving conditions slippery.

Here are some tips to move safely on slippery roads:

  • go slowly so your tires can push water through their grooves and maintain traction
  • keep your windows clear with the defroster and windshield wipers
  • brake, change speeds, and turn slowly and gently
  • stay out of neutral – it reduces your control
  • signal early before a turn, stop, or lane change
  • keep at least three seconds’ distance from the vehicle in front of you
  • pump your non-antilock brakes slowly and gently when you need to stop
  • if you skid, turn the wheels in the direction of the skid
  • remember melting ice is still slippery
  • remember a four-wheel-drive vehicle can maneuver better on ice, but still can’t stop quickly
  • use tire chains if recommended by local road officials
  • make sure all passengers are wearing seat belts
  • avoid cruise control
  • don’t pump ABS brakes

Ice on Your Roof

Ice dams can tear-off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up into your house.  Here are five fixes for ice dam removal courtesy of This Old House.

  • Use Heated Cables in a zigzag pattern to prevent ice dams
  • Blow cold air from your attic toward the underside of the roof where water is actively leaking in
  • Rake It – use a long-handled aluminum roof rake while standing safely on the group.  Try a rake with wheels which will help prevent damaging shingles
  • De-icing Methods – Fill the leg of a discarded pair of pantyhose with calcium chloride ice melt.  Lay the pantyhose on the roof so it crosses the ice dam and overhangs the gutter.

For full details on these steps go to

Take a moment today to get familiar with these tips and get ready for the wet icy weather.  Be safe.

Source:  Co-Operative Insurance Company, This Old House