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Continuing to serve your insurance needs

Continuing to serve your insurance needs

There’s an old English expression that goes, “May you live in interesting times”. Perhaps maybe we are. Or perhaps they’re just confusing. 😊

Up until about a month ago life seemed pretty normal around here, other than a really wet Winter! Then the Covid-19 virus came along and upended everything. I want to make sure that you know that we are working for you, continuing to work on your insurance business, monitoring the markets, and trying to keep up with the constantly changing medical environment. We know you trust us to do our jobs and keep your insurance business front-and-center in our work life and we are committed to continuing to do that.  

Through the years we have maintained an “Open Door” policy for all our clients. When you need us, you simply “Open the door” and walk on in. We want you to know that has not changed. What has changed is the temporary environment for a fast-moving, potentially easily transmittable virus that can make some folks sick. Your health, and that of the people you entrust to take care of your business, is very important to me. To that end, I want to offer you more options to communicate with us. 

If you have simple questions about policy information, billing or paying a premium, please call us at 318-352-8105 or our Mansfield office at 318-872-3939. For premium payments, most of our companies will accept “over the phone” payment using your checking or debit accounts. For signatures that are required on applications and endorsements, we can send them by e-mail for e-signatures, which is usually faster than regular mail and/or having you drive to the offices. One click and you’re done. For papers that simply must be hand-delivered, our staff simply asks that you have taken normal precautions in handling papers that will be handled by others. 

Most things can be handled by phone or email, and we also can Business Skype with you if you want to see our cheery faces and if you want us to share our computer screens with you. We have invested in the technology to make working with us simple, fast and efficient, saving you valuable time to do what’s important to you. 

My team and I believe in the value of personal advice, based on your goals and what you’d like to accomplish as we work together. Whether it’s in-office or through the phone or internet, we’re here to serve you. 

We want to make sure that we are communicating about what’s important to you as we attempt to navigate the current environment. We value your business and we appreciate your trust and confidence in us. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families, and your businesses as we navigate these “interesting” times.