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Cold weather fire hazards and preventions

Cold weather fire hazards and preventions

Cold weather and keeping warm.  It can be a challenge.  Some people revert to devises which can be significant fire hazards.

Number one – fireplaces

Keeping your fireplace clean, with glass fireplace doors or metal screen, can help to keep a fire from jumping onto your living space.

Not insuring a fire is out before retiring for the evening.  If you close the damper it allows the fire to heat up while forcing poisonous carbon monoxide back into your home.

Overbuilding your fire can cause creosote deposits in your chimney which can ignite a chimney fire.

Number two – space heaters

Space heaters are responsible for over 55,000 fires and 450 deaths.  Put your space heater on the floor and leave it there. Keep in away from water. Plug portable heaters directly into wall outlets. Never leave your space heater alone in a room. Add a smart control. Do not leave a space heater on overnight.

Number three – grills

High flames and heat is great in the summer for grilling, but it is not great to try to heat a room.  Never bring a grill into the house from the deck.

Number four – wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are a great source of heat but make sure anything that can burn at least 3 feet from the stove are moved.  Do not burn paper in your wood stove.  Before you go to sleep or leave your home, put the fire out completely.

Be aware of using these devises safely and keep warm.