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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Keep your Christmas tree from becoming a ticking time bomb by using these holiday fire safety tips:

  • Before you take it home, make sure you’re choosing a fresh tree. Feel the needles. When they start falling off, it’s already becoming dry. Check that your tree is still healthy.
  • Some decorations are holiday fire hazards. Be mindful of where you put festive candles. Don’t put them anywhere near your Christmas tree.
  • Unplug your lights before you go to bed. If you’re leaving your house, don’t leave the lights on either.
  • Water your tree regularly. Good Christmas tree care includes keeping the water reservoir full. That means you should water it at least once a day.
  • Buy approved Christmas tree string lights. Avoid connecting multiple extension cords that increase fire risk.
  • Keep your tree as far away from heat sources as possible. Your heater can dry out your tree faster. So can excessive sunlight from windows. Position your tree at least five feet away from heat sources.

Source: Family Handyman