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Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday Safety Tips

In-store Shopping:

  1. Park near a light. 
  2. Hide your treasures in the trunk. 
  3. Use the buddy system. 
  4. Keep your purse on your body or your wallet in your front pocket. 
  5. Shop with a single credit card. 
  6. Avoid ATMs. 
  7. Take precautions in the parking lot. 

Shopping Online:  Or, if you prefer to shop online:

  1.  Shop on secure sites. Before you make any purchases, be sure the website has a closed padlock in the browser bar or a URL beginning with “https.”
  2. Use one credit card for all online purchases. Then, if a card is compromised, you have only have to make one cancellation call.
  3. Shop familiar brands and steer clear of “too good to be true” deals. Scammers are out in full force during the holiday shopping period.

Follow these tips for a safe Black Friday buying experience.

Source: Frankenmuth Insurance