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Beautiful Autumn, Lots of Leaves, Lots of Hazards

Beautiful Autumn, Lots of Leaves, Lots of Hazards

We have had a beautiful autumn filled with colorful leaves that are no longer on the tree.  With this colorful blanket on your lawn, steps, and sidewalks, you have potential risks.

It is important to remove the leaves from your steps and sidewalks to eliminate the risk of visitors or family members falling, especially if they are wet.

Another hazard is the leave build up against the foundation of your home or outbuildings. These piles of leaves near a vent can be a freeway for insects to travel inside into a crawlspace or basement, particularly if there is a breech in the vent screening.

Leaves can clog your gutters and downspouts become blocked.  Guttering overflows cause damage to fascia and potentially roof damage.

With the holiday weekend coming, it is a great time to get the kids out to pile up leaves and have some fun while reducing the risk of damage or falls by bagging up those beautiful pesky leaves.